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"MONEY TREE" is mobile wallet
for simple mobile payment and cyber money

Wake your sleeping coupons MONEY TREE

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  • Easily exchange in MONEY TREE
    Exchange various scattered points to MONEY TREE CASH(KB Point, Hana Money, Wibi Money, OK Cashbag etc.)
    Exchange mobile gift card/coupon with other vouchers anytime
  • Anytime, anywhere OK with MONEY TREE CASH
    MONEY TREE CASH can be used like cash at merchants, and anyone can remit
    ATM withdraw when cash is needed(ATM at GS25/Ministop)
    Easily top up via bank transfer and carrier billing
  • Personalized gift
    'Gift Coupon'
    Freely purchase mobile gift card/coupon for 74 major brands
    Special and various benefits available at all times(contact: 1566-0123)
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