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CEO Message



Galaxia Communications, the only company who holds the total payment solution in Korea, is leading online and offline payment market with advanced technology and competitiveness through electronic payments, prepaid cyber money/card, mobile gift card/coupon and total financial service.

The tremendous wave of Industry 4.0 means that real money is at the turning point of a new paradigm that is completely replaced by virtual currency in the future. Galaxia Communications has prepared the foundation to provide optimized services and solutions in the 21st century through Korea’s first and only intangible assets related to the payment.

Galaxia Communications is expanding its business to FinTech based on diverse business portfolio such as O2O services that goes online and offline, application based mobile financial platform service from shopping to remittance. We will continue to provide the technology to increase customer value and freedom in a constantly changing mobile IT environment.

We look forward to continuing challenges and growth of Galaxia Communications, a humble but strong company, a corporate culture that enjoys and drives change and challenge.

Thank you.


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