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"MONEY TREE" is mobile wallet
for simple mobile payment and cyber money

Wake your sleeping coupons MONEYTREE

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  • Easily exchange in MONEY TREE
    Exchange various scattered points to MONEY TREE CASH(KB Point, Hana Money, Wibi Money, OK Cashbag etc.)
    Exchange mobile gift card/coupon with other vouchers anytime
  • Anytime, anywhere OK with MONEY TREE CASH
    MONEY TREE CASH can be used like cash at merchants, and anyone can remit
    You can withdraw cash at ATM machines located in subway stations and any convenience stores, Top up Money Tree cash by bank transfer, carrier mobile phone, KakaoPay, Toss, etc.
    Easily top up via bank transfer and carrier billing
  • Personalized gift
    'Gift Coupon'
    Freely purchase mobile gift card/coupon for 74 major brands
    Special and various benefits available at all times(contact: 1566-0123)
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